Botulinum toxin for expression lines – BOTOX®


Botulinum toxin is a substance used in wrinkle, groove and line reduction treatments.

A small amount of the preparation introduced into the area of the lines causes functional paralysis of the area with no neural damage. This in turn leads to local, temporary muscle relaxation. The skin has a chance to „rest” from muscle contractions, which makes wrinkles and lines less visible and facial features softer. Initial effects are noticeable several days after the procedure and the final result is visible after approximately two weeks.


  • wrinkles and horizontal lines of the forehead
  • expression lines around the eyes (“crow’s feet”)
  • wrinkles between the eyebrows (“frown lines”)
  • grooves and lines around the lips
  • eyebrow correction (eyebrow lifting)
  • nose correction (lifting the tip)
  • lifting the corners of the mouth