Harmony laser is one of the most innovative devices used for the treatment of rosacea.

One treatment session is enough to achieve visible improvement of skin health and appearance. To make this possible, the technology uses powerful but completely safe and controlled pulse energy to allow for significantly shorter exposure to laser light. Penetrating into the skin, pulsed light stimulates collagen production, which facilitates regeneration processes and helps achieve the final result in a shorter time. Harmony laser reduces imperfections, minimises skin lesions and delivers a visible improvement in skin texture and tone. The skin becomes firmer, denser and regains a more youthful appearance. To minimise patient discomfort during the procedure, the device uses a special cooling system integrated in the laser head. This solution is also suitable for the reduction of dilated capillaries or erythema.


  • rosacea
  • discoloration
  • skin laxity
  • vascular lesions