Voluma – cheek volume restoration


Voluma is a procedure designed to add volume and contour to the cheek area.

It uses a special hyaluronic acid formulation which may be delivered deeper into the skin, injected in the amount needed to achieve the desired volume enhancing effect. The aim of the procedure is to restore the natural youthful plumpness in the cheek area, improve facial contour and soften facial features. Volume restoration and improved elasticity result in firmer skin and more harmonious facial proportions. This gives the face a more radiant and relaxed appearance. The procedure involves injecting hyaluronic acid into areas affected by volume loss.


  • loss of volume and irregular cheek shape
  • skin laxity
  • sagging cheeks
  • poorly defined cheekbones and jawline
  • visible “tear trough” groove
  • nasolabial folds