Why us


At ESME Clinic we use the latest medical and cosmetological advancements in the service of beauty and aesthetics.

We strive for a combination of youthful looks, harmony of shapes and subtle, natural appearance that promotes well-being, self-acceptance and self-confidence. We stand for conscious anti-aging using minimally invasive procedures based on biological methods that enable holistic skin health improvement, subtle changes of appearance and beauty enhancement. Without any exaggeration, excess or artificiality.

We believe that aesthetics manifests itself in the harmony and subtlety of results, which is why we prefer to look at aesthetic medicine from the perspective of a well-advised, long-term therapy rather than a single injection. And that is the philosophy you can expect from our ESME Clinic experts.


We are proud to present our Team

Lidia Majewska


Agnieszka Budzyńska


Karina Polak


Joanna Czerwińska


Our clinic

ESME Clinic is not only a specialised aesthetic medicine clinic but also a modern dermatology, cosmetology and surgery centre. It was created by Lidia Majewska MD, PhD, who works with a team of physicians and experts to provide comprehensive, interdisciplinary solutions to skin and body problems. The centre offers holistic, specialised care – starting from the initial consultation and diagnostic process, through the selection and provision of the optimal aesthetic, dermatologist or surgery treatment, and ending with follow-up and post-treatment support. With state-of-the-art medical equipment, the clinic uses the safest and most effective methods of treatment to perform anti-aging procedures, correct imperfections and improve overall body appearance.

The ESME Team consists of experienced physicians as well as dermatology and cosmetology specialists – all of them recognised experts in their respective fields. They constantly improve their professional knowledge and qualifications by attending congresses and training courses, while also giving lectures and conducting training sessions for other specialists. They follow new trends and select the best, well-proven cosmetological and medical solutions for our patients. ESME Clinic is also a training centre for aesthetic medicine practitioners.

ESME Clinic is located in the heart of Krakow Podgórze District, in a modern building which is considered one of the most prominent landmarks of this part of the city. Our spatial, well equipped consultation and treatment rooms and the intimate atmosphere of our clinic greatly contribute to the comfort and well-being of our clients.

Patient safety

Due to safety considerations, the first visit at ESME Clinic includes a medical history interview which is essential for further treatment. Our patients’ safety is our top priority. Our staff makes sure that there are sterile and foiled sets of tools waiting for each patient in all treatment rooms.
Worktops and surfaces in treatment rooms are disinfected with special solutions in between patients.

There is a wide variety of aesthetic medicine products available on the market. However, they often differ in terms of quality, purity and composition, which is why we only use formulas offered by reliable manufacturers.

Our clinic uses top-class, state-of-the-art laser equipment to ensure effectiveness and safety of all procedures performed by our experts. Our staff is always friendly and ready to attend to your needs.

For your comfort and convenience, we do our best to make sure that all appointments begin as scheduled.
We strive to create an atmosphere of safety and comfort to ease or even completely remove the stress related to undergoing medical procedures and help you enjoy the effects of treatment for a long time.