Joanna Czerwińska


Joanna Czerwińska

I have always liked to take care of others, to make them feel good and happy. To this day, I reach back to my school days, when before important ceremonies girls would come out from under my brush with a smile, then a kind of passion for makeup was born and a desire to improve the image of others, especially women.

It was your smiles that drove me to action.

More than 13 years have passed since then.

During this time, I developed my passions related to visual facial aesthetics. I graduated in medical cosmetology, makeup and makeup artistry, as well as specialization in permanent makeup. I have been an expert in eyebrow makeovers for 4 years. Eyebrow aesthetics has become my greatest passion, in it I strive to achieve symmetry, naturalness and harmony on the face. All this I did to be able to offer my clients the highest level of service.

I also invite you to training and makeup lessons.